Garbage Disposal Clogged – How to Fix

Is your garbage disposal clogged?  If you are hearing a horrible sound coming from your garbage disposal, you probably have something stuck in there which is causing the clog.   The dare to repair crew cautions you not to try to grind into oblivion whatever is in stuck in the garbage disposal unit.  This could cause more serious issues to the unit.

First step in fixing a Garbage Disposal that is clogged

Use tongs to try to free the object and take it out of the garbage disposal.  If this works then it was an easy fix and you are good.  If you can’t get the object out with a pair of tongs then move on the the next step.

Second Step (if step one didn’t work)

Turn off the electricity at the main panel

Get under the sink and look for a whole on the bottom part of the unit.  Now you want to put the alan wrench in the whole and turn it clockwise and counter clockwise until you can go all the way around in either direction.  Once that happens, it means that you have dis-lodged the object and the waste disposer should be working fine now.

If your still having trouble, you might want to call a professional plumber (which can be quite expensive).  If you just want to get rid of the darn thing and buy a new one, than I suggest that you take a look at our garbage disposal reviews page for some great models.


Thanks to Stephanie and Julie from the Dare to Repair series for this great video